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study works - my involvement with Gerhard Richter

Random painting 8

Pencil on paper, 76x64,1974

Random painting 2

Coloured crayon on paper, 77x64cm, 1973

Semi nude

Pencil on paper, 79x106cm,1972


Pencil on paper,106x79cm,1972

Dresselstreet Munich

Oil on canvas, 130x80cm, 1972

professionals at work (my brother and me)

Oil on canvas, 80x80cm, 1972


Oil on canvas, 60x60cm,1972

Temptation of Holy Antonious

Pastel on handmade paper,106x79cm,1972

Paul driving car

Pastel on handmade paper,106x79,1972

Winter Walk

Oil on canvas, 160x115cm, 1972


Pastel on handmade paper, 76x64cm, 1975

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